Nevada Probate Process

In Nevada probate, the affairs of a recently deceased person are resolved.  In probate, assets are gathered, creditors are paid, some assets may be sold and, eventually, assets are sometimes distributed to beneficiaries. Below you will find links to detailed information about probate in Nevada. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.

-Thomas R. Grover, Esq.



Nevada Probate

The probate process begins when a petition is filed with the court. The first petition may be filed by one of many different people. Click here to learn more about how to begin the Nevada probate process.



The Personal Representative must file an Inventory with the probate court. The Inventory lists all of the known assets of the estate, including their value. The Inventory is a public document and can be reviewed by anyone, including family members, heirs and creditors. Click here to learn more about the Inventory.

Nevada Probate Inventory



Nevada Probate Creditors

Creditors may seek payment from the Estate. The Personal Representative may pay or reject claims. Rejected creditors sue the estate. Click here to learn more about probate creditor claims.



Sometimes it becomes necessary to sell real and personal property. Specific statutes control probate sales and they must be followed carefully. Money from sales may be used to pay creditors or to distribute to heirs. Click here for more information about sales.

 Nevada Probate Sales



Nevada Probate Accountings

The Personal Representative must file frequent accountings with the probate court. These accountings provide transparency and accountability. They are public and may be reviewed by heirs, family members, creditors and others.  To learn more about Accountings in the Nevada probate process, click here.



A final petition ends the Nevada probate process. A final report and accounting must be filed with the probate court. If satisfied, the probate court will then issue an order closing the estate and discharging the Personal Representative. To learn more about the end of the Nevada probate process, click here.

Probate in Nevada